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Dear Barbara

Which among the two will be your number one favorite comic movie to watch?.


Prashant, I have no particular favorite between those two choices--I like them both equally. They have different charms and I choose to watch them for different reasons. Chaplin evokes more pathos, but he also has some sharp satirical observations. My favorite Chaplin movie probably is "The Gold Rush," although "Modern Times" is a close second. And some of Chaplin's short films are quite enjoyable. Laurel and Hardy, as a comedy team, did both silent and sound films, and many of their shorts are hilarious, esp. "Big Business," where they wind up demolishing a house. Their focus is more on slapstick comedy, with little social commentary. Probably my favorite of their films is "Babes in Toyland" because I saw it as a child (my introduction to the team). But I enjoy many others (such as "Sons of the Desert" and "Way out West").

Still neither Chaplin or the team of Laurel and Hardy would be my top choice for silent film comedy. That goes to Buster Keaton for his mix of slapstick, great timing, and athletic skill. I remain in awe of the stunts he did in films like "The General," "Our Hospitality," "The Navigator," "Steamboat Bill, Jr." and "Seven Chances" (the running from the rock scene is pure gold).

I hope this answers your question.

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