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Hiya, Chris: I do hope you can help me identify this creepy story I read in the very early 70s at school so the publication likely dates from the late 60s or more likely very early 70s.

The story was very 'American'-looking and slickly-drawn, with realistic figures. Sorry I can't identify the name of the comic [it seemed to be  one of 4 stories in one anthology, it was black-and-white, and the comic seemed smaller-format than usual.

However this story stood out as it was pretty non-formulaic and novel, and much of the details are burned into my memory:

It begins with a baby abandoned in a cot, on a doorstep one night, and is taken into safe-keeping by a respectable, rich couple with no children of their own into their nice house.

Over time, the baby displays signs of advanced intelligence, way beyond it's tender years, first innocently: asking to be picked up in impeccable English at only a few months old.

The disturbing traits begin when the baby grows to infanthood and is observed by the alarmed adoptive parents studying a vast book on advanced mathematics when it should be playing with cuddly toys......later on the infant starts creating highly-accomplished artistic works, including a portrait of the parents rendered in an idealized portraiture.

Eventually, the adoptive parents begin to appreciate their 'child prodigy' and in the story's most chilling tableaux, the infant picks up a sharp pair of scissors and shreds the portrait of the parental couple. This cuts to a crime scene where detectives are puzzled by the apparantly random murders of the innocent couple, who have been discovered stabbed to death in a motiveless act. The  infant [acting like a normal babe in this scene] is seen as an innocent victim by the police.

This story finishes with the baby seen once again, dumped on a different doorstep-----another innocent couple take the baby in, marveling in it's cuteness, and how anyone could leave a baby abandoned in such a manner.

An extremely chilling memory, and indeed it has given me goosebumps just remembering it!

I know it's a long-shot: hope you can help. This tale was superior in many respects, as another classmate pointed out at the time [he read it after me and said the same]

Rab Smith

Hi Robert

I am not familiar with the story you describe. Further, I am at a loss to think of a black and white comic in the late 60s or early 70s that was smaller than regular comics. The only comics I can think of that fit that description are a few "underground" comics, which were sold in head shops rather than in convenience stores, cost more than regular comics and usually had "adults only" on the cover due to their high levels of sex and violence.

The specific title that comes to mind is Bogeyman Comics. You can see a picture of the two issues here:

You can click on the images to make them larger.

There were a number of black and white comics being put out in this time period, but they were actually magazine-sized, that is, larger than typical comics. The most prominent publisher of these was Warren Publishing, which put out Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella. You can look at covers of those too to see if any ring a bell:

I do also notice that you are in the UK. My knowledge is really mainly with U.S. comics. I know there were various British titles that reprinted U.S. horror comics of the 50s and 60s in black and white and in digest format. This may actually be the most likely place your story appeared if you were in England at the time. You can find a description and list of these titles on Wikipedia at

Elements of the storyline you describe certainly were not uncommon in comics of the 50s and 60s. The plot of a super-smart child--who was often an alien, robot or some other abnormality--appeared with some frequency. If you were able to track down the comic and identify the story, there is a good chance I could connect it to its American publisher and maybe even the comic it was originally published in if it is in fact a reprint.

When I read your description, it made me think of another horror story that has a similar storyline and that you might enjoy. It is called "Jenifer" and can be found online:

Good luck, and don't hesitate to post a follow-up question if you get more info or if what I wrote spurs any new questions.


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