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i have artwork from what appears to be a comic book not sure if its fan art or an actual pannel it seems profesionaly done if you would have any idea who this character is it would really help me out
dated 1983 doug johnson

Thanks for including the photo of the artwork.

The character is pretty easy to determine, actually: Rogue from the X-Men. The "skunk stripe" of white hair down the middle is somewhat of a tell-tale, as is the red vest - a common element of her costume at one point in time.

Obviously, from a photo I can't tell what paper or canvas was used, but the proportions seem wrong for the standard 11"x17" Bristol board comics artists use for actual comics pages. From the way the light catches it the paper appears to be a much lighter-weight paper, perhaps newsprint, butcher paper, or standard poster stock. Also, if it was used as a page in a comic book there would be wide borders and no colors - the borders are necessary for the printing process, and the colors are added later in the process. Lastly, to my knowledge no artist named Doug Johnson has worked for or contracted with Marvel Comics within the past 20 or 30 years. (However, with a name that common, anything is possible, and he may have worked for another company ...)

In other words, this appears to be fan art. Admittedly, in my personal opinion, it's very good fan art, but not something that actually appeared in a Marvel Comics publication. Sorry.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

-- Spyder

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