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I have series one through five of the 35 cent 1977 Marvel Comics Star Wars. They are in mint condition. I need help deciding where to take them to sell them. They have no bar code but I understand that not to be an issue regarding value. I also have one 30 cent copy (Aug 1977). Can you advise please.

Hi Doris

I think I have gotten more questions about the early Star Wars comics than any other subject. Unfortunately, I cannot agree with you that the absence of a bar code has no effect on value. Here is a website showing the various editions:

Issues 1, 2 and 3 with a blank UPC code are always reprints. Reprints have a Price Guide value of $4 each in mint condition. Issues 4 with a blank UPC code and a .35 cent cover price are reprints. Issue 5 with a .35 cent cover price and a blank UPC code if it does not indicate on the cover or in the indicia that it is a reprint. If an original, it has a price guide value of around $20 in mint condition.

I usually recommend eBay for selling comics. I suspect most comic shops would offer significantly less than $1 per issue for Star Wars reprints.

Sorry to not have better news.


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