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Chris, when I was a young boy I liked to read Journey Into Mystery, Fantastic Four, Metal Men, Iron Man...etc  I still have many of these comics today.  However, the only reason that I still have them is that when I was 12 I put them in a three ring binder.  I know that if I had not done that they'd all be lost today (good news).  Unfortunately they now have the holes from the three ring binder (bad news).  Otherwise the comics are in good condition (good color, no tears, no repairs).  They have been stored in acid free covers for years now.  My question is this...with all else being okay, how much value damage do the hole punches create?  I know it's a big hit but I have comics like Journey into Mystery #83, the first Daredevil, and the first three Spiderman issues. I'm not looking for a number, just an idea how to rate the books.

Hi Ken

Generally comics with hole punches that don't interfere with the art or story get rated somewhere around fair/Good or Good. If they are really mint condition otherwise, you could probably get a higher price. If they have the general wear that puts them around Very Good plus the holes, I would go around Good Minus. If they are Good condition with the holes, I would probably say fair/Good.

Key Marvel issues are selling for high prices these days, as it sounds like you know, so you might do even better than the appropriate price guide values on things like JIM 1 and Spidey 1, 2, and 3. Most DCs, especially the later Silver Age characters like Metal Men, aren't really high demand.

Let me know if you have more questions. It sounds like you still have what will amount to a nice sum of cash if you decide to sell--definitely a good return on a .12 cent investment.


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