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Popeye plate
Popeye plate  
I have a lead printing plate for Popeye #39 published March 1957 "The mountain that talked back" and "What did he say?". The page numbers are a bit tough to make out backwards...but I believe they are 6,11,22, 27.  In between frames, in the center is engraved script which says "Popeye 39    6".
The plate is flat with only a couple of "dings" on the outer edges. The frames themselves are in mint shape.
Any idea of the value?

Hi Jeffrey

This is a neat item. However, there really is not a well-developed collector's market for these. Some printing plates from 1960s Disney comics recently sold on eBay for around $10 to $20 each. I would expect that yours would also sell for somewhere in that price range.



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