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I am new to comic book collecting and selling.There are so many sites and auction houses out there whom swear that they can get you the most value out of your comics.
As a true beginner this is a little over whelming.

Which auction house or site would you suggest?

Hi Jay,

I prefer selling comics myself, rather than consigning them to an auction house out that caters to comic collectors.  However, based on conversations I've had with various collectors, you may want to check out Heritage Auctions.  Auctions on their site, particularly for older material or key issues, seem to do very well there.  Downside is that they take a fairly big piece of the final auction amount.

If you have mostly newer comics, I'm not sure that I would recommend Heritage Auctions as most of the newer comics listed their appear to be sold in lots, unless they are professionally graded (CGC), in which case, they will list them individually.  

If you are looking to sell newer comics, say 1980s and up, I would suggest you check out eBay.  If you are a new seller there, I believe you can list up to 50 items a month for free.  You only pay a fee if your item sells, and eBay fees are lower than what Heritage Auctions will take.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions

- Mark

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