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i have been collecting and selling comics for 40+ years.
now i am stumped.

i knowingly, just bought a asm collection (cheap)
of the 160 books 40 are missing coupons. none effect the story.
the books are all mid 1960's issues all are ff+vf i am talking 6.5-7.5+. just beautiful.

i want to sell them on e-bay i already have them all in my collection.
what does a beautiful comic without a coupon go from...
ie ....
are the f+ moved down to a g or g+
please help!!


Hi, Chet - thanks for your question!

While there are proprietors and collectors who will not accept any grade above Fair for any comic book missing pieces of the interior, Good is the grade that most collectors and sellers accept for comic books missing interior pieces if they do not affect the story.

Again, this may differ with different audiences, but the generally accepted grade is Good.

I do not have any information indicating that a "downgrade" from one grade to an equivalent lower grade would be acceptable to a collector. The only exception that I can expect would be acceptable is if the book is presented with the defect first and then indicated as "otherwise, solid FN+" or the like. At that stage, the buyer is informed and can negotiate forward from their own point of view on the Fair or Good grade standpoint.

Hope that's helpful!

Pax, harmonia,

Brian G. Philbin

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