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Good morning.

With the recent surge of comic-verse movies, I'm a bit interested in picking up some comics. From the movies and vague memories of the comics my uncle used to let me peruse, I know I greatly enjoy Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Hawkeye (Both Clint and Kate), and Iron Man. I do have a strong preference to Marvel, less with DC. I've not looked into any others (except for ElfQuest, -love that one!!-). The problem I'm encountering is finding -where- to start. I requested several Hawkeye titles from the library, and at one point, I had 4 different versions of Clint Barton: He was deaf in one, he was blind in another, a third he was married to Bobbi, and he was on level with Fury in the fourth. Is there a place that shows the timelines and arcs, or do you just jump in somewhere?

And the library goofed and requested a copy of Young Avengers for me... I really, REALLY enjoyed it, but the artwork I'm not seeing in the current comics. I was under the belief that Young Avengers was relatively new, so I'm lost as to why there's so many different art styles.

So in short... are there resources and guides for newbies?? Something to the effect of: You like Wolverine? Try XXX, XXX, XXX or XXX. Like Rogue? Pick up YYY, YYY, YYY, and YYYY.

Thank you for your time.

Hi Amanda,

I don't know if this will give you the exact information that you're looking for, but on the web site, if you go to "comics" and then select "characters", it will provide a listing of all of the current titles that a specific character is currently appearing in.  So for instance, if you select Iron Man, the results will show that Iron Man currently appears in Invincible Iron Man, New Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.

Wikipedia also has some useful information.  If you were to do a search on Hawkeye, you can get his background/history as well as the various titles and mini-series that he has appeared in.

Young Avengers is a relatively new title.  I collected the original series and really enjoyed it.  I haven't checked out the newest series but am not surprised about your comment about the artwork.  Seems like artists and writers change up on a series fairly frequently with someone new taking over once a story arc is finished in some cases.  Likewise, many of the titles reboot after a certain number of issues and a new team will take over the writing/art when the title starts up again.

If I can find any additional resources that provide a list of recommended readings, I will get back to you.

I hope this helped.

- Mark  

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