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Dear Mr. Harmon,

I just finished a long correspondence with you about a couple of boxes of comic books I have that I want to sell. Midtown Comics in NYC weren't giving me a great price, and you suggested eBay. I've been looking at eBay, how to sell, etc. I hope you don't mind a few more questions.

You recommended that I pick up the Overstreet Guide at the library. Does it have to be up-to-date, or can it be an older version?

What was your choice of shipping supply? Will I have to spend money on buying boards, plastics, etc.? What software do you recommend in terms of printing up labels? Do I go to the post office for adhesive type label paper?

I see that I can order free boxes from USPS, but isn't there a more proper, less bulky packaging for comic books?

I appreciate your continued patience. I'm seeking your experience on this aspect of eBay selling. Thank you.



Hi David,

The Overstreet Guide doesn't have to be the most recent edition.  Last years copy or even 2 years back should be fine.  Also, I mentioned the site previously.  If you can't find a semi-recent price guide at the library, check out their website.  You'll have to register with the site in order to use their guide, but you can use it for free once you've registered.  The site has a pretty large listing, so unless you have some really obscure titles, you should be able to find guide information for your collection.

As far as shipping goes, here are my preferences:

I bag and board all comics.  

For orders of 3 or less comics, I ship 1st Class Mail.  Fast and cheap and can be used for shipping comics with a total weight of 13 ounces or less.  Postal service does not provide free envelopes or boxes for First Class Mail, so you would need to buy these.

For orders of more than 3, I usually ship Priority Mail.  I usually use the Regional Rate or Flat Rate boxes.  Flat rate boxes can be picked up from most post offices.  For Regional Rate boxes, you can order these from the USPS website.  They will drop the boxes off at your home and again, no charge for the boxes.

If you sell through eBay, you can print up your labels on their web site.  I just print out paper copies and then tape the labels at the edges onto the boxes.

If shipping with boxes, make sure to use packing peanuts, bubble wrap or crumpled up newspaper to fill in the empty spaces.  I don't recommend shipping in envelopes, but if you do, sandwich the comics between sturdy pieces of cardboard to keep them from getting damaged.  You'd be amazed at the abuse some packages take during shipping.  

Hopefully I've addressed your questions, but please contact me if you have additional information that you need.



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