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I have a dozen or so Dell Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck as well as a few other publishers from 1958 to 1962 that do not have covers. The publishing info is there for most of them. I purchased a lot at an auction and these were among the items. I understand that comics without covers are not of significant value. Is there any collector value? I have a friend who is a fine artist who uses vintage print in her paintings. I'll offer to her if it's not an offense to collectors. Thanks so much for any info.



Hi Beth

If you have a coverless copy of a valuable comic, then it could be worth some money, even if only a fraction of what it would be worth with a cover. Tom and Jerry comics from this period really aren't worth very much though even with a cover. Coverless, you'd probably do well to get .25 or .50 cents each. Donald Duck comics from this period aren't worth much either. Uncle Scrooge or Walt Disney Comics and Stories could be worth a little more, though you'd still probably be looking at a dollar or two coverless, depending on the issue numbers.

If you have any superhero comics from this period, they could have more value even without covers. Fantasy titles like Tales of Suspense or Strange Tales might have some value too, again depending on the issues. But if everything is funny animal comics, you'd probably be hard pressed to get $5-$10 for the lot.


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