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I have an item that appears to be a poster of a cover Stumbo The Giant Jun 1963 issue 69. It is about 10 1/2" X 16". It is Stumbo golfing amid volcanoes. There is no printing on the back side. I can email a photo of it for you to better visualize it.



I am not familiar with the specific poster you have identified. It is an image of the cover of Harvey Hits #69.

Is the image in color? Is it exactly the same as the image shown in the above link or are there differences? Do you have any idea how old it is? How did you obtain it?

I am not aware of comic book companies producing posters of their covers in the early 1960s. That leads me to think that it is some kind of modern and possibly unauthorized reproduction. The other possibility I can think of is that it is either original artwork or an image that was used in the printing of the comic.


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Stumbo 2
Stumbo 2  
QUESTION: The image is the same. It is very close. There are some different colors.
I looked at it with a magnifying glass and the colors are made up of dots. That makes me think it is from the time period.

I got it at an auction from the estate of a guy who owned a golf shop.

That does sound like it was printed with the same four-color process that was used in comics. It's not original artwork then. It could be a printer's proof that was prepared prior to the cover being mass-produced. Such an item would often (but not always) have the front and back cover shown: the format in which it would ultimately be printed. Here's an example on eBay:

or search on eBay for Heckle Jeckle #28 printers proof

I also found this set of Sad Sack cover proofs on the Heritage auction website:

These are interesting because they are from the same publisher as Stumbo, although not quite as old as Harvey Hits 69. Unfortunately, the Heritage listing doesn't indicate their size, leading me to suspect the images are comic-book sized, that is, around 10" x 7".

I suppose it could also be a promotional item that the publisher sent out to newsstands that sold comics. However, I would expect it to have appropriate language for that purpose, like "coming soon" or "get your copy today." It could be some kind of giveaway from the publisher, e.g. send in a dime and we'll send you a poster. In that case, though, I would think we would be able to find other copies.

It is interesting that there are some minor color differences between your poster and the comic book, e.g. the color of the road and of Stumbo's clothes. That indicates it's not just someone who got a printer to make a poster-sized image of the comic.

Thus my idea of what it most likely is remains something that was generated during the production of the comic in 1963 and then given away--these items were not valued at all in that period and would be given to office visitors, employees' kids, etc. The editor who reviewed it may have decided that the colors weren't what he wanted and thus ordered a change before the comics were actually printed out.

If you're interested in value, I wouldn't expect it to be worth a lot. Harvey humor comics of the 1960s are not highly collectible to begin with. A printer's proof of this sort would likely be sold for somewhere in the $10 to $30 range. Of course, if you find the right person, who knows what he or she would pay?


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