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I was told that marvel/dc pass comic books through Diamond and Diamond sell it to comic book stores.  So, if I bought it at comic books store, I know that is is the real things.  I bought my past comic books all over the places: Amazon, on-line, etc.

I am worry some of it is counterfeit.  Now, I have over a 500 comic books and graphic novels. I do not know how can I keep is all from being counterfeit and still continue to collect into the future?

You are *partially* correct. Marvel and DC, along with most other comic book companies, use the printing presses in Sparta, Illinois to publish their comics. They are then distributed by Diamond to the specialty comic book stores and, to a much lesser degree, supermarkets and convenience stores.

However, the chances of a comic book being "counterfeit" are extraordinarily small. The companies make money on comics by printing literally hundreds of thousands of copies. A counterfeiter would need to use the same quality of paper, inks and process that the monster presses at Sparta use. It would cost FAR more money to counterfeit comics than it would be worth.

Also, there are some very easy ways for an expert to determine if a comic book is, indeed, counterfeit, mostly by looking at the paper, ink and print quality. There is a clearly and easily identifiable difference between the process and materials used in the late 30s and 40s, for instance, than today.

So unless you have been paying hundreds or thousands of dollars on individual issues for your collection, I would guesstimate that there is a 99.99999995% chance that your comics are indeed legitimate. If you are still concerned, take your comics to a different comics store and have the experts there evaluate it for authenticity.

Thanks for asking.

-- Spyder

#By the way: asking the same question multiple times doesn't speed up the process of answering. Usually, in fact, it slows the process down.#

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