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QUESTION: Since we lived marvel/dc comics.  How do I avoid counterfeit comic books?

I have been collecting for like 9 years already from all over the place. I did not know about counterfeiting until now.

ANSWER: Henry,

Well, counterfeit comics are very rare; they tend to be printed in very low print runs (like 100 copies), so they only reach very few people. What you can do is to use Google to find out the differences between a real and a counterfeit comic, on pages like this one:

But note that only rare "collector's items" are counterfeited, and it's probably rather few issues that are counterfeited, so the probability of coming across a counterfeit copy is quite low. What you can do is to just collect ordinary issues, for *reading*, instead of rare variant copies for value speculation. I don't really endorse speculation, so to my mind it's your own fault if you let yourself get cheated by an expensive counterfeit comic. I think it's a bad idea to buy and trade expensive variant editions in the first place (geniunely rare back-issues is one thing, like an old Silver Age issue of Fantastic Four or such, but an expensive gold foil variant edition of a recent comic? That's just silly, in my opinion).

The problem is worse with CGC comics, of course, because they are never meant to be opened again, and can therefore never be checked! This makes them a prime target for counterfeiting. My advice: Just stay away from any CGC comics. Comics are for reading, not for indefinite incarceration!

- Tue Sorensen

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QUESTION: How does I fixed my collection then since I buy my comic books all over the place?

ANSWER: Henry,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. The only comics that are in danger of being counterfeit are rare and expensive issues - do you have a lot of those?

As I said, you can use Google to search for any comics you think might be counterfeit, and then read people's descriptions of the fake ones, and then check whether yours are real or fake. Did you check the link I gave you? You'll have to check each individual comic that you suspect of being a counterfeit, but I wouldn't worry too much. Unless you have huge amounts of the exact type of comics that tends to get counterfeit, like rare variant editions and very old and valuable comics like Action Comics #1. Again: the likelihood that your issues are fake is very small. The only thing you can do is check the ones you think might be fake by comparing them with known genuine copies on the internet.

If you buy an expensive comic, make sure to buy it from a respectable dealer, and get a certificate of authenticity with it. Then you should be pretty safe.

- Tue Sorensen

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QUESTION: thank you for the advice, sound excellent.

Can you yourself provide me with ways that I can be sure that my comic books will 100% actual from marvel and dc and not fake?

Because it is so much easier just to get another comic from a comic book store, those definitely would not be fake.  They told me they bought their from Diamond who bought from Marvel/DC Corporation.


Again, unless you're buying a lot of expensive collector's items (and it doesn't sound like you are), counterfeiting should not be a problem for you at all. Most counterfeit comics were produced in the 1980s, and the only ones being produced now are probably very expensive variant covers which are supposed to be 1 in 1000 copies, like a gold foil version of Thor vol. 3 #1 from 2007. These are very rare and expensive and usually come with certificates of authenticity. These kinds of very expensive comics are the only ones worth counterfeiting, so unless you buy that kind of comics, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. All normal issues of Marvel and DC comics are legit.

- Tue Sorensen

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