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Hi Chris,

I am 59 years old and have around 140 comic books; mostly DC and Marvel from 1964-67. A comic book dealer appraised them back in 2000. When I asked him how much comic books in general go up per year, I think he said around 12%. Does this sound like a realistic figure? If not, could you give me your opinion as to how much comics increase each year in general?

Thank you greatly.



Hi Mike

I would have to say that a comic book dealer may not be the best person to provide an impartial opinion as to how much comics change in value over time. There is definitely not a standard increase every year. Some years might see no change and other years might see a significant change. Furthermore, different comic titles and issues go up different amounts each year. Comics in better condition also increase in value more quickly than comics in lesser conditions. Comics can also go down in value, though there is dealer resistance to that.

If you got an appraised value in 2000, I don't think you can just add 12% per year since then to get their present value. And I'm sorry I don't have any other percentage for you to use. You'd be better off buying a price guide and seeing what it says. Or alternately you can see what issues have sold for on eBay: you will probably find several copies of any Marvel issue that have been offered for sale in the past month. If you have Marvels from 1964 and 1965, you potentially have some valuable issues, especially if they are in nice condition. Marvels from 1966 and 1967 generally won't be as valuable as the earlier ones, but they still have some decent value, again with condition being very important.

Marvels have seen increases in value in the last few years, probably in large part because of the success of movie adaptations. Having Disney buy the company doesn't hurt either. I would expect that many issues have increased 50% or 75% since 2000. Really high condition comics may have increased significantly more.

If you have a few issues that you know are the most valuable in your collection and can give me an idea of their condition, I am happy to provide you with their current price guide values.


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