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I have old cartoon pages from newspapers from la petite patrie journal from montreal dating from 1933 to about 1986. some of these cartoon pages have superman dated march 1948 and july 1940
but of course in French.i have about  14600 of these pages.

is there any value for these cartoon pages that have superman, buck rogers, flash gardon and many more ?

Hi Tony

Old comic pages from the 30s and 40s do have some value. They generally sell for around $10 to $20 a page depending on condition. Pages with certain strips could bring more. Early Superman could certainly sell for more. Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon are both good strips to have. More recent years are likely to not be worth nearly as much.

However, I can't really advise what effect it would have that the strips are in French. American collectors are likely to want them in English. I know that strip reprint books (books collecting newspaper strips) do generally sell for less in French. You might be better off trying to sell them in Quebec or some other French-speaking locale. I'm guessing less people would want them in French, but then there are probably also less surviving French strips to go around.

If you don't have luck selling them, I would think some libraries would be happy to have them, and maybe you could get yourself a tax write-off.


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