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Mr. Brown (Chris), back in the 70's, as a youth, I bought every war comic (WWII war comic) I could lay my hands on.  Often these were 'anthologies' which contained 2-5 stories.  As if typical, instead of saving them, when I went away to join the military at age 17, my Mom threw them all away.

I am looking for a specific comic story that involved an old US Navy destroyer on a North Atlantic convoy run.  Can you suggest someone who is an expert in war comics who I might ask?  I know this a question about something quite obscure, but I've been searching on my own and not having any luck.

Hi Don

For a war comic from the 70s, assuming the story was in color in a standard comic book (not a magazine, which would likely be black and white), and assuming the story did not have any recurring character like Sgt. Fury or Sgt. Rock, you are most likely talking about a DC comic.

You might try Yahoo Groups. Here is a group that seems on target:

or you can look through the directory and see if any other group sounds like a possibility:

I have received a lot of questions like this asking about locating a specific story. I probably am only able to identify about 10% or less from the descriptions I get. And unfortunately, in this case, I really haven't read many 1970s war comics.

Good luck!


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