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I found a German issue of Superman and Batman. It's January 25 1969. Has a cover picture of Superman with his arms and legs crossed looking at a man on his knees surrounded by money. its in fair condition. Not sure if it is anything important. I am not a collector or anything. Just happened to come a crossed it.  Thanks

Hi Darrin

Foreign comics are generally not highly collected in the U.S. Superman first appeared in 1938; U.S. Superman comics from 1969 are not very valuable. Your issue could be more interesting if it has original material, as opposed to being a reprint of an American comic translated into German. If you are interested in trying to figure out if it is a reprint, you can go to

and look at the covers for 1. Superman, 2. Action Comics and 3. World's Finest. If you find the cover, see if the contents seem to be the same. If so, the comic would likely only have limited interest to someone who speaks German. If not, it could be worth more, though comics from that period in fair condition usually aren't worth too much.

Feel free to follow up if you get more info or have other questions.


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