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After many years of watching Marvel films and cartoons as a child, I have decided to start looking into reading comic books - starting with my favorite hero Captain America.

I have recently purchased the Winter Soldier collection (#1 to #18) written by Ed Brubaker, Butch Guice and Bettie Breitweiser as I was told that this would be a good place to start.

However, having started to read them, it feels like I have jumped into the middle of a storyline, and Captain America hasn't made any appearances so far.

Please would you be able to tell me which comic books come before the Winter Soldier collection, and possibly recommend to me some good Captain America comic books for a first time reader?

Thank you for taking the time to read this for me.
I look forward to hearing from you.

My apologies for taking so long to respond, but I'm in the process of moving.

I can certainly appreciate your being confused if you tried to start with Winter Soldier. It's a story that is actually the sequel to several other stories that are all tied in quite extensively with the then-existing Captain America mythos. (The main character of Winter Soldier, for instance, is James "Bucky" Barnes who was the original sidekick from the 1940s and who was believed killed at the end of World War II.)

My suggestion would be to start with the Marvel Essentials series, starting with Captain America and then following up with the Avengers #the origin issue especially, which explains how the 1940s hero wound up in the present day#. These are massive collections of black-and-white reprints of the original stories. As Captain America has existed for more than 60 years, this will (obviously) take you a while.

Once you've gotten up to speed with these, then I suggest #modern era# you take a look at the Civil War storyline. It is really an excellent portrayal of the character in a conflict between him and Iron Man/Tony Stark. These are all available in full-color reprint volumes.

If this seems a bit too overwhelming, you can also look up the Captain America entry on the official Marvel Comics Wiki at - it gives about as complete a history as you could want.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this, or if I can be of further assistance.

-- Spyder

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