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QUESTION: I kind of want it this way for the ohotmu master edition:

1. Gladiator II
2. Air-walker
3. Morg
4. Silver Surfer
5. Apocalypse

with or/and without fight skill included

Can be like that? I rather have an answer because that master edition and powergrid from vol. 4 and the marvel encyclopedia. There is none.

ANSWER: Henry,

No one is stopping you from ranking the characters in whichever way you prefer. If this is how you want to rank them, that's fine.

- Tue Sorensen

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, but that is not absolute.  That is not how it is in the marvel universe.  I mean they have marvel power rankings and powergrids that says otherwise.  So, if you make them up that is no good. What good is that if you cannot take for credit what is actual. That is kind of what I need to answer.


They have power rankings and powergrids for just a couple of reasons:

1. So the characters can fit into an RPG system.

2. Because people such as yourself find it cool.

3. As *general guides* for story writers.

There are no definitive, absolute and canonical power ratings. It all depends on what the next writer thinks of doing with the various characters. These are fictional characters; nothing about them is "actual". Ultimately, you are supposed to read a lot of stories and thus gain an impression of what power levels the various characters are at. The is no set-in-stone scale for exactly how powerful the characters are compared to each other. You have the Marvel Universe Handbook, and that's as close as you get. The most powerful characters are too powerful and too different to be easily compared and ranked.

Maybe you should just read some more comics. Have you read the Thor issue where he tries to fight a Celestial? Thor expends all his power, and all he achieves is to make the Celestial raise its arm as if to wave away a gnat! Now THAT is power! :-)

- Tue Sorensen

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