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I need a little guidance please. My son who is now 39 collected comics till he was 16. When my son moved out l took possession of the comics. We now have 4 comic book boxes filled with comic books from the early sixties till 2004. Also l have 3 boxes of cards. Baseball and other things. In both the comics and cards my son told me that there are no commons. Most of the comics and cards that l looked up on the Internet sells anywhere from $3 to over a couple of hundred. I know that is retail and l also know l will never get the prices that appear on the Internet. All the comics and cards are inserted in acid proof sheeting.( My son was smart now he never got any smarter) Most of the comics he kept ate in great shape to mint condition. Now that l gave you some kind of a history. I would like to find out from someone who knows comics. At my age of 64 what the hell do l know. My questions are as follows

1. Just an idea of if l sold them to say a comic book store. What percentage would l receive compared to what the price in a comic book guide book says. What l mean is. I can expect to receive 30% or 40% of the value of what a price guide would be? All things taken into account.

2. Since we do not have too many stores maybe one in my area down here in Ft Lauderdale Fla area. What would you suggest how l can get someone to come to my home to look at the comics and give me a price?

It would be kind of hard for me to bring 8 boxes to any store so that is why l am asking.  To put on eBay l would have to show hundreds of comics and cards. If you can please answer me the best of your ability.  

Thank you for whatever you can or even can't help me out.  One more thing, these are all in great condition and not common cards or comics. I want to get rid of them because we are moving from Florida to Maryland and we can't take these with us anymore

Hi Stuart,

I wish I was in the Lauderdale area so I could take a look.  Sounds like a nice collection. My personal preferrence is to sell on eBay since that is where you have the largest number of potential buyers and would probably get the best prices.  I get the impression that you have some reservations on going the eBay route though and I can certainly understand that.  Taking scans and packing orders can be very time consuming.

Selling them to a comic shop will be the quickest way to unload them.  If the older issues are nice, you may get 30-40% for them, and maybe more if you have any key issues such as 1st editions or 1st appearances of a character.  For more recent comics, (from the 1980s and up), stores typically will only pay a low percentage of the guide value.  I live in the DC metro area, and stores here will typically only pay 10-25 cents for what is considered modern age material.  The exception again being if there are any key issues from that time period, then those will get a better offer.

It's possible that if the collection has a lot of popular titles and key issues, a store owner may be willing to come to your house to look over the collection.  This may mean that you'll have to put together a list highlighting what you have and then you can email the list to the owner or go through it over the phone.

Another option is to advertise it on Craigslist.  Ideal scenario here is the possiblity of having actual collectors show up who will spend more money than a retailer would.  Main thing, and this goes for the comics and cards, is to not let buyers cherry pick specific items.  Otherwise, you may sell off one box of comics and be left with 7 others that you can't get rid of.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

- Mark

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