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I have a Marvel comic book, The Amazing Spiderman. The date is  May 1977. Volume 1, number 168.  It cost 30cents.  There are no marks on it and the binding is in good shape. Could you give me an idea on the value and where I could sell it.  Thanks

Hi Carol,

It's difficult to give a value without actually being able to see the comic, but here are the current values for 3 possible grades based on the Overstreet Price Guide:

Near Mint (almost perfect copy) $30
Fine (can have accumulation of minor defects but no significant flaws or wear) $9
Good (well read comic but still complete) $3

Grade definitions above are at a high level.  You can get more detailed information on grading from a site like  They have a link for grading on the home page.

You can try selling it on eBay.  Depending on the condition of the comic, I've seen that issue sell for anywhere from $2 up to $35.

Hope this helped.

- Mark  

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