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Hi, have been given quite a number of comics from super hero to macabre nearly all in what I think is mint condition (in cellophane with a card backing) some I think are first edition. Where would I be able to get them valued or send pics to. Hoping you can help me and look forward to a reply.
Many thanks

Hi Tom,

A rule of thumb is that a comic is worth whatever people want to pay for it. You can try putting them on eBay and see what happens. That's where a lot of collectors go to find what they want. Or you can go to a comic shop and ask if they want to buy them - but this will probably depend on the health of the local market in that area. A good strategy might be to bring them one representative issue of what you have, and let the shop guy evaluate it. If you have a lot of old comics in great condition, and one representative issue turns out to be very valuable, then you could be sitting on a goldmine. Probably not, however! People with limited comics experience often tend to overestimate the value of their comics. "Mint condition" is not a simple matter. Most new comics off the stands, or old ones which have been kept like new, are in the condition called "Near Mint", which is usually 9.4 out of a possible 10, with 10 being "Pristine Mint" or "Gem Mint" - but the tenners are really rare; they have to be perfect in every way. And the value of a 9.4 and a 10 can be extremely different. This is why it is often important to have the condition of the comics graded very accurately. A comic shop can typically do this for you. Or get hold of a collector that you might know, and get him to look at the comics and offer advice.

Usually the best way to get a good price is to sell privately to collectors; besides eBay there are websites and interest groups for this on Facebook, usenet and in other forums and message boards around the internet (check out There are also various price guides online; for instance:

Good luck,
- Tue Sorensen

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I can answer questions about the *contents* of most superhero and sci-fi comics (and also fantasy/sword'n'sorcery like Elfquest and Conan the Barbarian) and also about the writers and artists, but not about the *condition* of your comics (i.e. I will not grade your comics or evaluate their value). I am very knowledgable about American comics in general, esp. Marvel, but also DC and indies. I cannot answer questions about Japanese manga comics, which I know very little about. The majority of my expertise spans from comics published between 1960 and 2000, but if you have questions about before or after those dates, I probably know enough to find the info you need.


I was an avid comic book collector from the early 1980s to around 2000 (and have still been buying little bits and pieces thereafter), and I still have my collection of 18,000+ comics, incl. some European ones (I hail from Denmark). I have been an active participant in comics fandom; I have written about comics in fanzines, APAzines, magazines and letter columns, and worked briefly in a comic shop (would love to have done that as a career, but here in Denmark we only have a couple of shops, so that opportunity is hard to come by). I have also attempted to write scripts for comics based on my own ideas - projects which I'm still working on.

I have studied Biology, English and history at university level.

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