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Hello Chris,

   I have what I believe to be vintage 30's to 40's Tijuana bibles. The reason I believe these are vintage is the fact that I received them from a woman who's husband has had them from early on in their marriage back in 1939 or thereabouts. It washer impression that he had disposed of the many years' ago but to her suprise she found them during a move and as part of my payment for helping her with the move gave them to me. I am interested in selling them. I have no use for them. Could you please direct me to a site or something of the like for resale of an item such as this. They are in fair to good shape although some of them are dogeard from storage and use over the years.
Any help in this arena would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

Hi Tom

I would recommend selling them on eBay. Here are some recent sales of Tijuana Bibles on eBay (I'm giving you the item numbers, which you can put in the Search field--one at a time--on the top of every eBay page):  191065709510, 161228127342, 181323590734, 171237671466, 221341777638, 221341779958. Hopefully these will give you some idea what they might sell for. They seem to get listed most in the Collectibles>Comics>Platinum Age category, which makes sense. Most of them will generally sell in the $5 to $10 range in my experience depending on condition and characters. Ones featuring superheroes or funny animals (e.g. Superman, Batman, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck) can go for more. Feel free to follow up if you have additional questions. Good luck!


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