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Mark, I have three copies of x-men and captain universe sleeping giants #1. These were special send away books that were printed with you as one of the characters using your name in the story. Also included a trading card with your name. I know they are pretty rare books. Each book was individually numbered with matching numbered trading card.

Wondered if you have any info on how they were numbered. The ones I have are numbered 0000>1>>, 0000>1>7, and 0000>1>+. Of course the trading cards have matching numbers. Don't understand what the "> and >> and >+" mean. Hoping the low numbers may mean an early printing and maybe increase value. Thanks for any insight you can give. Mike

Hi Mike,

Well you stumped me with this one.  I thought the numbering sequence might have had something to do with the fact that there are 2 versions, one with the male Captain Universe and the other with the female version.  However, after looking over at least a dozen different covers, I can't find any consistency in the numbering.

I do see that high grade copies of these sell for pretty decent money (usually over $100), while lower grade (VG to Fine) seem to sell for at least a little over double the original price (which if the info I looked at was correct, was $14.95).

I will keep your question on file.  If I can find any additional info on this series, I will let you know.

- Mark

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