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How do I keep my comic books to last forever? reprint is too expensive over time

Hi Henry,

Unfortunately, paper products do not last forever.  There are things you can do to help extend the life.  

Use comic bags and boards.  Mylar sleeves and acid free backing boards are the best, especially for your more valuable comics.  Mylar sleeves can be expensive though, so you won't want to use them on every comic in your collection.  Regular bags and boards are fine for everything else, but it's recommended that you replace them every 5 to 7 years.

Store your comics in acid free comic boxes.

Temperature in the room you store them in should be 70 degrees or lower.  Do not store them in a garage or attic. If storing them in a basement, keep them off the floor.  I've had comics damaged when we had some flooding in our basement.

Room should be kept somewhat dark.  Do not keep your comics in an area where they will be exposed to sunlight.  

Hope this helps.

- Mark  

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