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I work in a comics shop and a customer posed a question I had never thought of before. When did comics bags and boards for storage and preservation become widespread? I suspect it was either the late 60s due to the introduction and growth of fan conventions, or post-Mile High Collection with the growth of direct market shops in the late 70s/early 80s. Those are just guesses, though. Can you shed any light on this?

Hello Dan,

I didn't know the answer to this - my own first encounter with bags and boards, AFAIR, was during the boom of around 1990. But I asked some older collector friends of mine, and they all say that they first started using them in the late '70s; '77-'79. One reports having seen an advertisement for them in a 1974 Overstreet Price Guide. So the '70s is definitely the decade where those things emerged!

I don't buy a lot of new comics anymore, but back in the '90s I eventually ended up polybagging all my comics (my collection, which I still have, number about 18,000 comics), and boarding a good deal of them as well. I guess, strictly speaking, a lot of those bags need replacing by now ... they seem to hold up well, though. :-)

- Tue Sorensen

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I can answer questions about the *contents* of most superhero and sci-fi comics (and also fantasy/sword'n'sorcery like Elfquest and Conan the Barbarian) and also about the writers and artists, but not about the *condition* of your comics (i.e. I will not grade your comics or evaluate their value). I am very knowledgable about American comics in general, esp. Marvel, but also DC and indies. I cannot answer questions about Japanese manga comics, which I know very little about. The majority of my expertise spans from comics published between 1960 and 2000, but if you have questions about before or after those dates, I probably know enough to find the info you need.


I was an avid comic book collector from the early 1980s to around 2000 (and have still been buying little bits and pieces thereafter), and I still have my collection of 18,000+ comics, incl. some European ones (I hail from Denmark). I have been an active participant in comics fandom; I have written about comics in fanzines, APAzines, magazines and letter columns, and worked briefly in a comic shop (would love to have done that as a career, but here in Denmark we only have a couple of shops, so that opportunity is hard to come by). I have also attempted to write scripts for comics based on my own ideas - projects which I'm still working on.

I have studied Biology, English and history at university level.

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