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Are "Magnus Robot Tighter" and "Turok Dinosaur Hunter" still being published?  I have not seen these at my local book store in the comic book section.

I thank you for your reply.

Thanks for one of the more interesting questions I've gotten recently.

Both titles were originally published by some of the legendary comic companies of old, Magnus by Gold Key Comics and Turok by Dell Comics. They've both been resurrected by several publishers over the years, and Turok had a few name changes including the original title Turok Son of Stone, Original Turok, and eventually - with a reworked concept to tie in with the famous video game - Turok Dinosaur Hunter.

Current versions of these titles are still being published. Magnus Robot Hunter is being produced by Dark Horse Comics and Turok Son of Stone is put out by Dynamite Comics. Unfortunately, it's simply not economically possible for comic book shops to carry every single title being published. If you wish, you can actually order these directly through the publishers on their web sites or through the larger comic book shops, also through their web sites. You might also check to see if your local comics shop might start ordering them for you.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

-- Spyder

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