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QUESTION: Hi.  Well, here it goes.  It was a horror comic in the early 70s.  I still remember the line: "Emmett, Emmett, you fool.  It wasn't me Amerita was keeping alive, it was you.  You died in that car accident twenty years ago!"  A guy thought a "Hindu hag" was keeping his old rich wife alive and if he could get rid of her (and his wife) he could run off with a younger woman."  Ring any bells?  I think in the same magazine a fellow named Cecil Durant fell in love with a girl in his dreams and bought a music box that would make her real.  Strange I can remember these names of characters, but not the name of the book.  I know its a long shot but is a classic in my childhood.

ANSWER: Hi Aaron,

I am sorry, but I have not been able to discover the answer to this question. I asked about it in a forum of 70s comics fans, but they came up blank. One person said that there were many, many horror comics of the era that contained plots and elements along these lines. Best guess is that it might have been a reprint of an old EC comic, but that's as close as I got. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Try putting the question to an EC comics fan group on Facebook or elsewhere.

- Tue Sorensen

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you, anyway.  As a follow up, in the comic I think there was a host (kind of like a crypt keeper) with a gargoyle sidekick.  Do you recall any such character?

Well, most of the old EC comics did indeed feature a crypt-keeper and a vault-keeper as hosts - so that doesn't really narrow it down a whole lot... :-/

- Tue Sorensen

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