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What's the best Batman Comics to read that goes into the backgrounds of the villains.

Hi Samantha,

Well, that's not an easy question. Batman comics, and his villains, have been around since 1939, so there are hundreds of villains. Which ones are you interested in? Also, everybody have their own favorite stories; story styles range from funny to very intense and serious. What do you prefer?

But let me list Batman's ten main villains:

The Joker
Ra's al Ghul
The Riddler
The Penguin
Mr. Freeze
Poison Ivy

Read more here:

To find the best comics about the villains, I advise you to Google "best Joker storie", "best Ra's al Ghul stories", "best Riddler stories", etc.; then you will find lists of fans' favorite stories.

One of the Joker stories generally considered the best, for instance, is "Batman: The Killing Joke", written by Alan Moore in 1988.

The best Ra's al Ghul story is no doubt the 1970s saga by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams, which is collected as "Batman: Tales of the Demon", and can be found on Amazon here:

A stand-out story about the villains that Batman catches and puts in the insane asylum is the graphic novel "Batman: Arkham Asylum", written by Grant Morrison in 1989. It's very adult and edgy; read about it here:

Another fantastic and generally admired story by Alan Moore is the one in Batman Annual #11 (1987), which is about Clayface (Batman himself is hardly in the story). Highly recommended.

If I may also venture a personal recommendation, this collection with art by Alan Davis is in my opinion some of the best Batman material ever:

Hope this was a useful answer. Happy searching!

- Tue Sorensen

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