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Hi Brian,
 I have a copy of this issue and I would grade it as near mint to mint condition. The reason I am asking a question is that both the front and back have double covers. I've never encountered this before, and was wondering if you have. I'm sure it isn't a unique thing to happen, and all four covers are in the same excellent condition. Of course, I'm going to question its worth, as I've looked on e-bay and couldn't believe the prices I've seen asked for issues with double covers. But I didn't research it any further than this other than to look up places on-line to ask. Thank you for any of your time and consideration. Hope this wasn't too mundane a question for you!
   Louie Ayash

Hi, Louie -

Thanks for your question!

You are correct - double covers are not tremendously uncommon, as you can find them all over eBay. However, their value is that the outside cover protects the interior cover. Their value? Not what you're seeing on eBay - those "asking" prices are not the same as the "getting" prices, unless the comic is a pristine Silver or Bronze age comic to begin with.

Value, as always, is determined on what the market is willing to pay for such an item.

In this case, there's a bump - due to the protective benefit and condition of the interior cover - but it's not huge.

Thing to remember in this instance is that grading will only be based on the inside cover and grading is what ultimately determines the value of the comic.

The book itself - in pristine condition (and sans extra cover) - is capable of bringing around $30 at a retail store. Less on eBay. Maybe about equal, depending on the condition.

I recommend you use the tools I provide on my collecting basics website to determine grade and approximate value:

Be aware that the story of the Dharlu is not fondly remembered among fans, so this is kind of an obscure issue. But you never know when a fan might lurking out there & willing to pay a premium for that particular copy!

Hope this is helpful - let me know if you have any other questions - thanks!

Pax, harmonia,

Brian G. Philbin  

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