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Could you help me identify this surreal Wolverine comic? The issue takes place in a very old house, with some kind of disturbing hive-like thing in the basement, made up of bodies and brown sinewy material. As wolverine occupies this house, a group of townspeople form a mob outside of it, the house then impales them on tendrils/tentacles.
I was really young when I read this comic, it really stuck with me as being very very dark and morbid, tons of blood and gore. The funny thing is, I don't read comics at all, this one has just stuck with me for so long that I have become determined to find out if it is real or just some bizzare False memory (although I'm positive it's real)

Any ideas? This has been bothering me for many years.
If you can tell me, consider referring it to someone else

Thank you so much.

Hello Bambi,

Thanks for the question. I can't off-hand identify the story. Could you please send me a follow-up question with a ballpark figure of around WHEN you read it? That will help me narrow it down. Was it in the 80s, the 90s, the 00s, or what?

If it's from after 2000, I might not have read it, but I'll put your question to one or two Facebook groups I'm a member of, and maybe they can come up with the answer.

EDIT: I received a suggestion from a Wolverine fan - he says it could be this one:

Check it out! :-)

- Tue Sorensen

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