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Wy is x-23 not in any secret wars comics advertised sofar,is marvel going to replace her whit age of apocalypse kitty pride and will red hulk be losing his powers ?

Hey Coen,

I'm not much of a prognosticator but I'll give your questions a shot. First, the Red Hulk. I haven't seen anything to indicate General Ross would be losing his powers especially considering the Hulk cartoon with Red Hulk in it is doing big business.

I'm not sure why X-23 isn't in any Secret Wars talks so far but should this be a launch pad for Wolverine to "come back from the dead" then maybe she might cease to exist in some kind of weird retcon. But she's young, she's popular and that's a hot ticket item right now. I just don't think they'd kill her off. The Secret Wars might be a way to pare down the Mutant Universe but I can't see her being killed off. Maybe minimalized at most.

AOA Kitty Pryde has claws too but they're not organic and there's nothing there to tether her to the current 616 Universe. I doubt she'd make a return.  

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