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I have sent this pic to a couple of people. They think it is sun bleached. But i can't find any kind of flaw between colors. It is in great shape. It is pictures with signatures. The coloring looks too perfect to be faded. Let me know something please.
Thanks. Luke

Hello Luke,

Well, when I google a normal cover of this comic I find an image with stronger colors. And if your images are the front and back cover of the same copy of this comic, then it certainly does seem to be bleached on the cover. But, it could also be an artifact of the printing that made the colors weaker. I don't know what else to tell you. If you're worried about value, try showing it to a comic shop owner and see what they say.

- Tue Sorensen

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I can answer questions about the *contents* of most superhero and sci-fi comics (and also fantasy/sword'n'sorcery like Elfquest and Conan the Barbarian) and also about the writers and artists, but not about the *condition* of your comics (i.e. I will not grade your comics or evaluate their value). I am very knowledgable about American comics in general, esp. Marvel, but also DC and indies. I cannot answer questions about Japanese manga comics, which I know very little about. The majority of my expertise spans from comics published between 1960 and 2000, but if you have questions about before or after those dates, I probably know enough to find the info you need.


I was an avid comic book collector from the early 1980s to around 2000 (and have still been buying little bits and pieces thereafter), and I still have my collection of 18,000+ comics, incl. some European ones (I hail from Denmark). I have been an active participant in comics fandom; I have written about comics in fanzines, APAzines, magazines and letter columns, and worked briefly in a comic shop (would love to have done that as a career, but here in Denmark we only have a couple of shops, so that opportunity is hard to come by). I have also attempted to write scripts for comics based on my own ideas - projects which I'm still working on.

I have studied Biology, English and history at university level.

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