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About 8 years ago I started reading a comic called Sandman and in there I remember there is a child named Will something who was obsessed with death. I cannot remember any other information other than there is a dark child named Will who lived in a family and liked to eat raw steak. I want to find this specific Sandman book again but don’t know where to start. I do know that this is not William Baker from the Spiderman series. This Sandman book was really really big. Do you know what I was reading? I read through the first Neil Gaiman Preludes and Nocturnes and didn't find the Will character in there.

Thanks so much!


Hi Sasa,

I have only read the first Sandman collection myself, so I can't give you a clear answer. Since it's a highly acclaimed comic book, I'd suggest that you eventually buy and read the whole thing - that way you are sure to find the character you are looking for, and get some quality entertainment at the same time! There are ten collections in all (originally having come out in 75 issues), so the series is not all that big.

But to try to answer your question, I tried looking for Sandman info online. There is a large fan base for this book, so there is quite a bit of resources to be found. For instance, here is a list of all the characters:

Here is a study guide:

On this page (follow the links at the bottom), there are summaries of every single chapter:

Try checking out those links, and you may find what you're looking for!

Finally, you could buy The Sandman Compendium, which is rather cheap, and has lots of info:

Hope you find the character!
- Tue Sorensen

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