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Commercial Real Estate Investment/Commercial landlords / discrimination of specific business?


We are looking to take over another business' commercial lease. The landlord has struck that idea down citing that she does not want our type of business in her building. We currently operate next door, in an attached building, with a different landlord. 

Can a commercial landlord or property manager discriminate based on a business type and refuse to rent to us?

 Originally she said we required a credit check and not to compete with any other business in the building. We offered excellent credit scores, bank letters, references and confirmed that we do not compete with any other business on the block. We are literally looking to move our business next door into a larger space.

We are a legal, tax-paying,  registered business in Ontario, Canada. 

Do we have any legal remedies?

Michael thanks for your question. the answer is No. there are no remedies for this you are talking about an entirely different building with an entirely different landlord and that landlord can pick and choose who he wants as a tenant.
commercial lease is not under the same rules and regulations as the Landlord and Tenant Act which deals with residential tenancy.
in commercial it's not discrimination, it's a business decision.

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