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Good afternoon Steven,
I was wondering if you could help me  in any with this problem I have.
I need to find a commercial real estate, small office, for my company because we're expanding.
I would like to know how to look for these buildings or type of
approach...I wouldn't even know where to start to look....

Thank you for any advice or direction!




I suggest seeking out a "tenant rep" that works in your area.  A good starting point would be to visit (Resources tab, Find a Professional).

That failing, call some of the real estate signs and ask to speak with the designated broker about interviewing an experienced agent that specializes in tenant representation.  Whatever you do, don't allow a newly-minted agent to ad lib through the assignment and use your search for on-the job-training.

Of note is that I have numerous educational articles about leasing commercial space on my website,
Best wishes,

Stephen A. Cross, CCIM  

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