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There is a commercial real estate listed "For Sale" on a public website at an amazing price - Too good to be true.  Even the Description in the Price History states "Listed For Sale" along with the date and price.  Would they have to "sell" at the price listed?  
  This has been posted for several months, and I only recently noticed the only indication to the contrary is the description stating the square footage and "for lease".  Thank you for your assistance.

If it's an innocent error (such as putting a decimal point in the wrong place or leaving out a zero), then it is unlikely that the seller would be forced to stand by that amount. If the seller puts a teaser price in there with an intent to get interest and then fails to honor the price, then that may be different, but an attorney would have to render a legal opinion on that.

Note that another possibility could be that the too-good-to-be-true price may be at that level for a reason. As one possibility, consider a scenario where the property is contaminated, where the cleanup would cost more than what the property is worth. In such a situation, the price may be on target!

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