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I am from Pakistan below is my question and concern. I will highly appreciate a generalized answer that can help me buying commercial land for the first time.
Gawadar port is in its developmental stage and right now land price really cheap there . It seems that in future the price of land will increase significantly. So if i want to buy commercial area near the port, what are the things i should be looking for and what should be my consideration in general?
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Mahreen Junaid

   First thing would be to find experts who are familiar with the land and the process. Every area has different laws and different rules. Spend time with people who are from Pakistan and find a zoning lawyer to make sure you can build there, find a real estate professional to find out what the comparative prices
for land is and find a banker or a mortgage banker to find out whether you have the ability to raise the capital.
   This is too complicated a deal for a novice without professional assistance. Good luck

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