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"After knowing a couple who are my acquaintances, we cmmunicate through emails and text since they moved. I communicate more with the wife on text. and the husband on email. lately, after the husband sent me an email thanking me for a favor regarding his mail at the post office, I just responded "ok". I don't really care to communicate with him as much, especially since he was rude to me in person for many years. since then, i have been trying to text the wife and no reply from her for a long time. She's like a mother to me. also no repsond from the husband. but they keep in touch with our other mututal friends. what could have happened?"

Hi Sally,

Of course not being a mind reader I can't tell you what happened, but there are certainly ways of finding out.  Since you indicated that they are still communicating with other people that you know, it isn't that they are too busy.  So, I think that we can safely assume that some miscommunication has happened.  That is the inherent problem with texting, because by the nature of texting communication tends to be compact and short-formed.  That can lead to misunderstanding because words are often left out that maybe should be said.

As you have a strong bond with the woman, why not try a more traditional means of communicating, as in using the phone to call instead of text. The only way you are going to find out what is going on it to ask. If there was a miscommunication, then you can correct it. It takes one person to restart the communication, and since you are disturbed by the events enough to ask for advice, than maybe it is your move.

It would be unfortunate to lose a friendship over a trifle. Far too often people stop talking because of silly or petty misunderstandings, and it is only when one person has the courage to fix the problem, that both parties realize that it was much to do about nothing.

I hope you and your friend reconnect, and I'm sure you will be the one to make it happen.

I also hope that this information was helpful, and please remember to rate this answer honestly.

Your friend from Canada
Phil L. Methot

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