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Hi there,
I am a 30 year old married guy and I have a bit of a problem that I want to run past you.

To sum it up I believe that only my wife really understands me and that when I am with others I feel 'bored' and lonely to the point that I end up being very quiet and not really saying or doing anything. Basically if I am not with my wife I would rather be on my own.
I do get on well with others but it just doesnt seem real to me - as if I am putting it on whereas with my wife I am just myself.

Does any of this make any sense to you? If so, what would you suggest/recommend to get past it?

Hi Damien,

An interesting question indeed.  First of all, it is quite something to have such a strong bond with your wife, as well as the sense she gives you of 'getting' you.  In a family, where so much time and responsibility is shared, it is great to have that level of understanding.

With other people though, it should not have to be such a strong requirement that others 'get you' to the level that your wife does. There are many friendships based on specific interests such as football, movies, meeting people at the pub, for example, where outside of those activities, there is little interaction. We can still have fun and share to a certain point with others without there being a strong bond required to cement the relationship.

You said that getting on with others doesn't seem real to you, 'putting it on' as you said. I also noted that you said that your were bored and lonely with others, and that indicates to me something entirely different altogether. If you put up a shield to protect yourself from others, you will be successful in keeping you in and them out.  Of course it won't seem real...because it isn't.

When you share your real self, (and again, I'm not talking about having to go too deep) others genuinely reciprocate back. So it becomes incumbent on you to decide whether you want to live in the real world or just pretend.  One thing is sure, Damien. Relying on just one person for your social needs usually ends in disaster. It is an unfair burden to put on another, and in some cases can turn into a sense of obligation on their part and a sense of right on yours.  This in not healthy, no matter how it feels in the present moment.

The decision, Damien, is do you risk letting people know who you are, even on a small level, in order to get to know them better?  As long as you stay quiet and don't interact with the groups that you find yourself in, you are choosing to exclude them, and shutting yourself off.  You can't escape feeling lonely in these circumstances, but it is loneliness of your own making.

You are young enough to change, and start reaping the benefits of integrating better into the society.  I believe that it is very important that you do.

I hope that this gives you something to think about, and as always, please rate the response honestly,

Phil L. Methot

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