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In your opinion, what do you think would be more beneficial to teach international academic students, idioms or collocation? and why do you think that is?

Hello Amirah,

I would suggest that it would be beneficial for students to have a sample of both. Of the two however, idoms are more confusing, and therefore I would suggest that students become aware of the most common ones.

With a collocation, meaning can still be derived from the pairing or grouping of words.  A student may attempt a collocation on their own and get it wrong, but more than likely, the listener would glean intent and therefore meaning.  As for idoms, since they in no way indicate meaning directly, they are the most confusing when listening to colloquial speech.

What is important for international students to understand, is the English is replete with idioms, and if the student feels that a sentence makes no sense, that more than likely there is an idiom at play. Idiom dictionaries are available, in print and electronic versions, and are indispensible for the student of any language.

I Hope this was clear as a bell, and gets your ducks in a row. (I thought I would end with one of each!;-)

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