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I am 24 years old. I am very polite, serious and open minded person. I associate friendly with everyone in home and outside. I work in a govt. organisation and we are client of another construction company. In this point of view, i should make a distance with them for good work and quality of work. but i cannot rude with those people when they make any mistake and apologize, i just say its ok and please correct it. And they are ever josh with me like "if you have two more legs then it might be better then you can easily run" or "There is no food for client allotted in our company" etc. And it makes me feel uneasy because it not only happen here it happen everywhere with me when people criticize me as we cannot give them proper answer at that right time and when i come home, i find the right answer which is not coming in my mind that time. So what is the solution of it.

In any discussion, very often i cannot join because i think if they have a jig with me again. so then i still silent but in home no one anger me and there is no problem and everyone abide by me and satisfy my needs. So what should i do. Thank you.

Hi Joy,

I will answer you the best I can, and as I believe that I am interpreting your question.  I'm not sure, but it could be that you used an online translation, because the english is quite confusing.  You could always ask someone to clarify your question if I have misinterpreted it, and resend it to me.  I will not mind.

What it does sound as if you are saying is that you feel intimidated at times at work and can't find the right words to say. Only afterwards do the right words come to you that you wish you could have said. If this is the case, than I would suggest, Joy, that this happens when a person feels shy or is afraid of saying the wrong thing.  Some feel it is best to say nothing than to say something that could be interpreted as wrong or insulting.

I think, Joy, that it would be to your benefit to take the attitude that your opinion is as important than anyone else. It is not being rude to clarify a point, or to make someone understand.  You have the right to do your job effectively, and sometimes that means 'correcting' someone who is not doing something in the right way.  If you are being sincere, and genuinely helping them, most people will not see your actions as wrong.  If they do, the problem is not with you, it is with them.  You can't spend your life trying not to offend people by being afraid to say the right thing.  You have the right to live your life with personal dignity and without having to apologize for doing the right thing.

I hope that I have answered the question you were really asking, but if not, again I invite you to rewrite it.

Phil L. Methot  

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