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my name is zain, i'm 16 years old boy. i live in pakistan.
As far as i remember, i stammer.... about 2 months back my mother took me to a speach-therapist. she said that I dont stammer... i got *dis-fluency.
she said that i can B better.. if i practice certain excercies.
she said
1. think before you speak
2. take time before answering any question
3. if you cannot speak a certain world out loud, try to speak it without any voice
she further instructed me to practice my breathing....
but personally i had no improvement.
i still stop while talking cause i can't speak (get my words out of my mouth)
well would you be able to help me ?
i'll greatly appreciate.

Hello Zain,

There is certainly a big difference between a stammer and disfluency. Since the speech therapist seems to think that you have the latter and not the former I'll try to deal with that.  As a Division Governor for Toastmasters International, I have seen many people come to Toastmasters, (if you don't know what this organization is, I suggest you look it up, but briefly it is an organization that teaches people speaking skills) who have this problem.  They speak with many 'ahs' and 'ums' and other sounds that creep into their sentences.  They sometimes repeat words, or stop in the middle of a sentence and start again.

Some of the causes of disfluency is emotional and related to self-image problems that cause a heightened focus on the words spoken such that it affects the fluidity of speech.

One of the things I may suggest that you do, Zain, is to memorize a few paragraphs of text from, say, a story that you like.  At least one minute worth of text.  Take your time to learn it all.  Then practice saying the text that you now know, out loud when you are by yourself.  Since you know the text, your practice will be to say it without using any unnecessary pauses or filler sounds.

This is part of a confidence exercise; because once accomplished you will know that you can in fact speak without disfluency.  Keep in mind, however, that even the best speakers will once in a while give the odd um or ah or pause.  Don't berate yourself for the occasional stammer.  However, you will find that knowing that you can speak without hesitation will give you the confidence to speak more.

Zain, when I was very young, I had to give a small speech (really small, about one minute's worth)  I got stuck, forgot what I was going to say, and felt completely embarrassed.  I promised myself that I would never speak in public again.  For years I walked away from great opportunities that would have made a big difference in my life.  One day I decided that, in spite of my fears, in spite of thinking that I couldn't do it, I started talking in public.  I have now done so for a living and in many countries.

The point I am trying to make, Zain, is that there is nothing wrong with you what soever, and whatever has caused this disfluency, it is not stronger than you. Make a decision to become not just an okay speaker, but a FANTASTIC ONE.  It will change your life, and you wlll look back at this and laugh.

I hope this helps you and please rate this comment.

Phil L. Méthot

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