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Hi. I'm a male and my age is 20yrs old. I need a help from you regarding improvement of my speech. I want to be able to speak fluent english but the problem is that while i speak english sometimes i misplace the words or i'm not able to think of or put the right word in a sentence. Even my reasoning power is very weak. If I debate with someone on a particular matter then most of the time i fail in tackling their sentences. Is there a way to end my problems? a solution that will improve my knowledge in english and also give me a good reasoning and judging power?

Hello Asoka,

Being able to speak with great proficiency in a second language requires understanding the 'idioms' and 'collocations' of the language.  Look up those two terms and learn them.  What confuses most new speakers of a language are the expressions that don't always make obvious sense when they are directly translated.

One way of learning how to speak English is to read English.  I would suggest reading books that are for people younger than you.  When I started learning how to speak Spanish, I read young kid's books, because they use a limited vocabulary, but show you how to get your meaning across simply, but effectively.  Later on you can read more advanced books.  But always, Asoka, when you read, have a dictionary available to look up the words you don't understand, then use them several times in the next days after learning them in order to retain the memory of them.

In addition to that, you need to speak English as often as you can.  You will get better, so don't apologize for how you speak; you are to be admired for your determination.  The more you practice the sooner you will make fewer mistakes, so enjoy the process and be proud of your efforts.

On final thing, Asoka, if you have the opportunity to listen to English radio, or watch English television, this too will help you.  You don't have to do it all the time, but the more often you do, the more it will start going into your mind subconsciously.

I hope this helps you and I wish you all the best. Please remember to rate this reply honestly.    

Phil L. Methot

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