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(This is not a spam question or a homework question)
I was wondering would you please tell me: is it a fact that some people won’t talk to some body else face to face about particular things, so they weather send emails or messages?

If it is a fact, would you please explain to me in a simple way that I can understand: why is that


Hi Cameron

There are many people who choose to email or text rather than speak face-to-face, or pick up a phone.  It might be too strong to say they 'won't' speak to people directly, but it is true that many people choose to text or email instead.

There are several reasons for this, some useful and some not. Often when you need to ask someone a question when you call them, you are sent to voicemail or you cannot reach them. If you text or email them, then your part of the communication is done, and now it is up to the other person to answer.

Of course far too often people email or text rather than speak to the person directly, which would ensure that the communication is clear and if not clarification can be done instantly. In the "olden days" (ten years ago) people would pick up the phone to speak to someone. Today, many people expect that everyone is only seconds away by email, and expect an answer immediately upon sending the text or email.  We have come to expect communication to be instant, but often what we get is no communication but short answers that leave more questions unanswered.

Cameron, I think the simplest reason why people text and email more than talk is because the technology to do that is there. We can text to several people in the time it takes to talk to one. Sometimes we want a simple answer, but when we talk on the phone we can spend minutes just saying hi, how are you, etc, just to get our answer.  A lot of people, especicially the youngr ones find it faster to just send off a text.  It may not me the best form of communication, but today many people are more interested in speed than they are in the quality of communication.

I hope this answers your question.

Phil L. Methot  

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