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We just moved into a new place. We had a house-warming party a couple months after we moved in and handed out leaflets with our numbers for any complaints. We got a call at 10:30pm regarding a noise complaint so turned everything down. A week or so later we got a letter written on the back of one of the leaflets saying things like "it was too noisy, even for a once-off. since you moved in your whole residence has been far too noisy, shut up or move out. you're not welcome". I'm pretty sure it would've been the same woman that rang the night of the party, so I have her mobile number. Should I send this woman a message to resolve this? I'm not sure what she is referring to outside the party, we are students and aren't overly noisy in day-to-day life.

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I encourage you to (1) review your (and her) personal rights, (b) make contact with an open mind - ideally in person; (c) clarify her and your respective needs; and (d) try win-win pr3oblem solving:

Further questions are welcome!! - Pete  

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