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I received a purse from a friend for my birthday that I think is ugly. I wouldn't normally use one like this..but I've used it 2 times now when I see my friend because I want her to be happy (I DO appreciate the gift, she wouldn't have had to buy me anything!)

My question long should I continue to wear the purse when I'm in her company? I don't want to hurt her feelings I want her to be happy.Normally I see her maybe once a month but there have been a lot of party gatherings lately.

Hi Starr - I propose that your thanking her for her birthday acknowledgement and being honest with her about the purse will protect your integrity and strengthen your friendship overall. If she really is a friend, she will understand and overcome any disappointment. A constructive option you have is to suggest then that you return the purse and go purse shopping together so she can buy you one you'd really like to own. As long as you pretend to like her gift, you're being dishonest - which risks losing some priceless self respect.

Consider these ideas:

Respectfully, Pete

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