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Communication Skills/how to deal with a child that is being used by a friend


Hi Peter my son is 8 years old and has been friends with our neighbor's son since the age of 3.They have been great friends for years, but recenlty a new boy moved next door and became very close to my neighbor's son. They always play together now and don't invite my son to play with them. One time I heard my son asking them if he can play with them and the new neighbor told him"no" and to "go away". There have been ocassions where my son is playing with my neighbor's son in our backyard and the new boy would come over but just to take the other boy to play with him to his house and doesnt invite my son. Also, I notice my neighbor comes  around only when new boy is not home. And as soon as new neighbor is back, he stops everything he is doing with my son, and runs to new neighbor leaving my son just hanging. I feel he is just using my son when other boy is not around. There have been certain situations  that makes me think that new boy does not like my son and manipulates my other neighbor to not hang around with my son.. I witnessed that today and it broke my heart to see my son cry over his old friend choosing new neighbor over him. I am very upset and I feel like I shouldn't let my neighbor's son come over anymore since he only comes for his own convience.  But am I doing the right thing? What is the best thing to do? How do I handle this situation? I would really appreciate your advice.

Hi Ely - I respectfully acknowledge your empathy for your son. I suggest using this situation as a teaching/learning opportunity. Teach him on a child's level about these topics:

These topics will apply throughout your son's life. Have you mastered each of them yourself?

- Pete  

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