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When i was a child i touch a dick , some this i stay and thought about that and i realised that i was feeling bad because of the memory and i decided to tell something to free myself and i told to my father ( you know i am boy and i think that my father will understand me ) and even it was and he told me some things and i overcome that memory . All well and happy but today , after 2 days of feeeling normal again , in my mind appear a tought that becuase i touch his dick i am gay and and what happend if i get gay because of this mistake of my childhood i didn't want that , i want a normal life with women and i remembered what my father said and this mind dissaperared . What i want to ask , if i didn't want to be gay exists probability to be , i don't think so .
Maybe i thinking about that but less than before to talk to my father.
Do you think if i want to forget or overcome about that memory very fast i can do that ?
I didn't want that memory to be in my mind i want to be like noting happen , can i do that , or what can i do to overcome very fast ( in fast want to say immediately ).

It's normal for kids to explore their and other kids' genitals, and doing so does not "make them" gay. Pay attention to who and what arouses you sexually now - that's the best indicator of your current sexual preference. You can (a) research "what causes homosexuality?" on the Web, and (b) reduce any anxiety you have to "normal" if you put your mind to it:

Respectfully, Pete  

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